Unique Wood Design

Personalized design

Profbud display apartament. Project by Tarnowski Division.

Wooden Bathtubs

Baula bathtub in residential project, Mexico

Wooden Washbasins

Custom Rimba washbasin. "Edge" project by Mobius Architekci.

Wooden Surfaces

Wooden floor in "Edge" project by Mobius architekci.

Wooden bathtub made by Unique Wood Design


Unique Wood Design is the leading manufacturer of wooden bathtubs, washbasins and bathroom accessories. For over ten years the company sets highest standards for craft quality and technological innovation. State-of-the-art products are often developed in collaboration with internationally renowned designers. Hand crafted from the oldest material of the future.

Wood Craft
Puari bathtub for Nobu Warsaw Hotel

Nobu Warsaw

Nobu Hotels is named one of the luxury’s 25 most innovative brands. Recently opened Nobu Warsaw Hotel fits in this description perfectly, by bringing together two stylistic worlds – historical, art-deco building and outstanding modern wing designed by Medusa Group.

Custom bathtub made in Oak for Bania Hotel

Bania Hotel

Hotel Bania is located at the foot of the greatest ski resort in Poland and it’s connected with thermal pools. Hotel quests were so pleased with the wooden bathtub that after six years later Bania ordered another 6 custom wooden bathtubs for the newly planned hotel extension.



Oscillating between past and present, tradition and modernity, the VOLEVATCH endeavor is an unmistakably beautiful story. In 1975, during his flea markets strolls, Serge Volevatch - then intended to pursue a career as an urbanist - discovered a genuine admiration for period style bathrooms.

To Volevatch
Wooden surfaces: countertops and shower trays

Bathroom in wood

Designed to satisfy the needs of most demanding clients in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Wooden shower-trays, shower walls and panels and wooden countertops perfectly suit concrete and stone surroundings, adding warmth and cosy feeling to the modern bathroom space. Wood surfaces combine exquisite wood aesthetics with modular solutions and universal functionalities of modern interior design.

Wood surfaces
Picture of Bog Oak

Bog Oak

Bog Oak is the rarest wood in the world. Thanks to its richness in tannin acids Oak can be naturally preserved and becomes partially fossilized. Over millennia it gain stunning deep dark coloration which highlights the beauty of Oak wood texture. It is perhaps one of the most demanding material to work with but is fully worth every effort. Hand crafting in 4000 year old material stirs the imagination and makes one think about all the time stored inside.

Baula bathtub for The Swedish Villa

Swedish Villa

This project was one of our very special, as we feel to share similar attitude as the owner. Trying to build a most ambitious compromise between the image, thought and feeling: modern, sustainable and in the same time close to the nature.

Picture of Incrustation


In my work, I try to understand the true identity of the subject. Imperfections acquired over time make a story created in detail, which is why its preservation is so important. The whole process of “reading'' is the essence of my work. Without taking into account the history of the item being renovated, it is not possible to approach the age character of the item.



We have installed the first wooden bathtub back in 2013. Clients instantly felt in love with this true piece of functional art. The bathtub turned out to be easy to maintain and durable. This is why, after six years, we have ordered another six very special, custom made tubs. Working with Unique Wood Design is a pleasure as their crew is competent and services are top-notch.

Pawel Dziubasik, Hotel Bania, Poland

Each piece is individually crafted

Unique Wood Design