Unique Wood Design

Wooden bathtubs

Custom wooden bathtubs for modern bathrooms

A wooden bathtub is an excellent idea for a dream interior. It matches perfectly with modern minimalism as well as with classic decor. Wood emanates warmth, it’s shape offers comfortable relaxation and contact with the harmonious wood grain texture wonderfully calms. Wooden bathtubs come in a couple of different sizes and options - they can be freestanding, inserted and build-in. They can be acquired with additional elements such as a stand, countertop, shelves and other. Wooden bathtubs are mainly made from six wood varieties: Ash, Maple, Oak, Sapele, Padouk and American Walnut with other wood varieties available on request. Every piece can be customized to meet specific requirements.


Being an artist myself, I can state with great conviction that the bathtub we got from Unique Wood Design is truly a work of art. The sculptural elegance of the design, the exquisite craftsmanship and the wonderful physical comfort make this bathtub a daily experience of joy and gratitude.

Ned Kahn, USA. Owner of Baula tub for 7 years.

Each piece is individually crafted

Unique Wood Design