Unique Wood Design

Wooden washbasins

Wooden washbasins, luxury sinks for bathrooms

The choice of wooden washbasins offer a wide range of possibilities. They can be freestanding, inserted, placed on countertop, built in to vanity and more. Some models can be made with utilities such as shelves, towel rails and drawers. All pieces are hand crafted and can be customised. Wooden sinks are mainly made in six wood varieties: Ash, Maple, Oak, Sapele, Padouk and American Walnut with other wood varieties available on request. Washbasins are often a part of a set with the bathtub although they can be acquired separately.


We have installed the first wooden bathtub back in 2013. Clients instantly felt in love with this true piece of functional art. The bathtub turned out to be easy to maintain and durable. This is why, after six years, we have ordered another six very special, custom made tubs. Working with Unique Wood Design is a pleasure as their crew is competent and services are top-notch.

Pawel Dziubasik, Hotel Bania, Poland

Each piece is individually crafted

Unique Wood Design