Unique Wood Design

Wooden bathtubs

Custom wooden bathtubs for modern bathrooms

A wooden bathtub is an excellent idea for a dream interior. It matches perfectly with modern minimalism as well as with classic decor. Wood emanates warmth, it’s shape offers comfortable relaxation and contact with the harmonious wood grain texture wonderfully calms. Wooden bathtubs come in a couple of different sizes and options - they can be freestanding, inserted and build-in. They can be acquired with additional elements such as a stand, countertop, shelves and other. Wooden bathtubs are mainly made from six wood varieties: Ash, Maple, Oak, Sapele, Padouk and American Walnut with other wood varieties available on request. Every piece can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Wooden washbasins

Wooden washbasins, luxury sinks for bathrooms

The choice of wooden washbasins offer a wide range of possibilities. They can be freestanding, inserted, placed on countertop, built in to vanity and more. Some models can be made with utilities such as shelves, towel rails and drawers. All pieces are hand crafted and can be customised. Wooden sinks are mainly made in six wood varieties: Ash, Maple, Oak, Sapele, Padouk and American Walnut with other wood varieties available on request. Washbasins are often a part of a set with the bathtub although they can be acquired separately.

Wooden surfaces

Wooden surfaces: bathroom walls, countertops, shower trays and panels

Wood surfaces include wooden shower-trays, wooden shower walls, wooden shower panels, tiles and wooden countertops. They perfectly suit stone and concrete surroundings, adding warmth and cosiness to the modern bathroom space. Designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Wood surfaces combine exquisite wood aesthetics with modular solutions and universal functionalities of modern interior design.




In good design, details are crucial. Even a small wooden piece can bring a natural and harmonious element to the bathroom composition. Unique Wood Design provides comprehensive offer of add-ons and accessories that are all crafted with excellence and based on extensive knowledge. There are add-ons like wooden bathtub plugs, covers, shelves, wooden seats and steps. There are also separate accessories like soap dishes, towel rails, tiles, mirror frames and much more. They can all be custom made to meet the clients’ specific expectations.


When we were working on a bathroom remodel for our farmhouse home here in Switzerland, one of our objectives was to find elegant bathtub. We knew we had found it when we saw Baula Bathtub online. Communications with the company were quite easy, as were the ordering, payment and delivery process. When we asked if they could make Kapai Washbasin for us in a custom size, their immediate response was: “no problem”!

The actual products as delivered were magnificent and remain so even after several years later. Both have become showpieces in our home. Not only are they beautiful, but the bathtub is extremely comfortable. Quality and workmanship is the best I have ever seen. Joints are smooth and tight. Surfaces are so flawless that sometimes it is just nice to run your hands over the finished wood. Even the packaging crates and protection were clearly crafted to the finest standards.

We cannot recommend UWD highly enough!

David A. Lowin, Switzerland


Brenda Laurel